Night Vision Goggles UK

ANV-20/20 Test Set Wall Mount

Fenn Night Vision Ltd are the sole UK agents for Hoffman night vision test equipment.

The ANV-20/20 test set is a portable unit that can also be wall-mounted. This bracket provides a stable wall mount from which the ANV-20/20 can easily be removed if required.

The system consists of a wall mount bracket and a carriage assembly. The bracket is designed with 16″ centre mounting holes making it ideal for mounting to standard stud wall construction but can be mounted to virtually any wall surface. The bracket incorporates six pin location slots, which provides a full 12″ of vertical positioning flexibility. The carriage assembly simply clips to the ANV-20/20 test set and is positioned into any of the six available slots by using the handles on the carriage. Simply step up to the wall mount, adjust the test set to a comfortable height and perform accurate infinity focus of the NVG.

The ANV-20/20 Wall Mount system will enhance your pre-flight operations, reduce test space requirements, eliminate any NVG misalignment caused from bending or crouching and most importantly allow you to achieve a more accurate infinity focus.