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UK Night Vision Goggles

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UK Night Vision Goggles, Designed and Manufactured by Fenn Night Vision.

Our Mission:

  • To make flying at night safer
  • To design high quality products with exceptional performance
  • To deliver an unrivalled customer service

Our Capabilities:

  • We have an in house design team covering software, optical, electronic and mechanical design
  • Our dedicated UK team is responsible for the unique stand out differentiators that feature in our Night Vision Goggles and the creation of our analysis software
  • We are on a continual innovation and development programme
UK Night Vision Goggles

Our Milestones


Our launch customer was UK Ministry of Defence


We supplied NVGs to HEMS, Police, civilian and helicopter operators in the UK and overseas


Fenn NVG analysing software licenced for global distribution


Our launch customer for the Fenn NG800 NVG was Rega – Swiss Air Rescue


Fenn NVGs are now in service across all platforms – fixed wing, rotary wing and fast jets

Featured Products

Weighing in at just 525g and boasting a 47.5° field of view, the Fenn NG800 series equip aircraft pilots with unrivalled visual capabilities in low light conditions. Ingenious design features such as individually powered Image Intensifier Tubes (via Fenn’s unique dual power pack system) advance safety conditions for flight crews beyond what can be achieved by any other NVG that is currently available in the global market.

Our Fenn NG820 NVGs are UK-made for rotary and fixed-wing aircraft. These lightweight goggles boast a 47.5° field of view with an F/1 lens for superior low-light performance, equipping pilots with unrivalled visual capabilities. Designed for flight safety, they have independent power circuits, are fully ANVIS Day HUD compatible, and offer over 40 hours of battery life.

Weighing just 620g, these lightweight, low profile goggles equip pilots with unparalleled visual capabilities in low-light conditions. Ingenious design features such as individually powered Image Intensifier Tubes (via Fenn’s unique dual system) contribute to advancements in safety conditions beyond what can be achieved by any other NVG currently available in the global market.


National Police Air Service Logo

National Police Air Service Bournemouth

“I have been using Fenn for the past 2 years to service all of the night vision units and testing equipment.

To add complication to the logistics, have rotated the items through servicing to avoid any break in operational use. This has not posed any problem for Mark and the team at Fenn.

All items are serviced on time and ready for despatch as promised, with good communication throughout the process.

Highly recommended.”

Kent, Surrey & Sussex Air Ambulance Trust (AAKSS)

“Thank you for the service yesterday allowing us to have a same day turn-round on the Hoffman test set. It allows us to maintain our night time NVIS online status. You make a real time contribution to your local Air Ambulance service.”

Devon Air Ambulance Trust (DAAT)

“We’ve just completed the first element of our training here at Exeter and move on very shortly to CAA flight check followed by HEMS crew familiarisation.

May I say that all that have flown, but in particular the experienced NVG pilots, have been thoroughly impressed by the goggles, two have commented that they are by far the best they’ve ever flown with!”

RUAG Defence Night Laboratory & Swiss Air-Rescue Rega

“The Fenn NG800 is the best NVG ever tested in the Ruag Defence Night Laboratory.

As well as optically and the overall construction, the Fenn NG800 is of excellent quality.”