UK Night Vision Goggles

New product announcement: Switching Laser Filter Module

Fenn Night Vision, in collaboration with Dstl (the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory), has successfully developed a lightweight Laser Filter Module (LFM) designed for use with aviation night vision goggles (NVGs). The purpose of this device is to provide protection for NVGs against threats from lasers when flying.

Laser attacks can be extremely distracting for pilots, particularly during landing and take-off. The Fenn LFM could significantly reduce these visual distractions enabling the pilot to continue to fly much more safely.

The Fenn LFM is an active switching filter, designed to have minimum impact on NVG optical performance, pilots only switch on the laser filter when required.

The system has been designed as a lightweight easy to use module which simply attaches and detaches to an objective lens assembly of a NVG and can be retrofitted to existing in service NVGs. Once fitted, the NVG can be manoeuvred into a stowed position without the need to remove it. The module is battery powered and can run for 8 hours on one set of alkaline AA batteries. Weighing just 56g it has a minimal additional effect on pilot Centre of Gravity and can be manually operated by the pilot in the event of a laser attack.