Night Vision Goggles UK

Fenn Night Vision provides night vision capability for the East Anglian Air Ambulance

Fenn Night Vision is proud to be associated with The East Anglian Air Ambulance (EAAA), a life-saving charity providing emergency medical services in the eastern region and the first Air Ambulance in the UK to be cleared to fly in darkness.

Until recently, the charity had only been able to help during the hours of daylight but their new aircraft will mean that the pilot, doctor and critical care paramedic crews will be able to reach those who need urgent medical treatment during the hours of darkness.

Andrew Egerton Smith, Chairman and founder of EAAA said: “My vision for this vital service is that everything we do is of the highest standard and our mission is to deliver exactly what people need, when they need it. We are the very first air ambulance in the country to be cleared to fly at night and our brand new helicopter has been fitted with state of the art technology to allow night flying.”

Fenn Night Vision was brought on board to supply this state of the art technology because of their market leading position in the field of night vision goggles and devices.

Tim Page, Chief Executive of EAAA, said: “I am proud to be leading this amazing charity which actually saves lives and makes a huge difference to the future of so many people, their families and their community. Our move into night flying means that during the winter months when people drive to and from work in the dark, should an accident or medical emergency happen, we will be there, bringing the hospital emergency room to them, wherever they are in East Anglia.”