Night Vision Goggles UK

NG2000A Night Vision Military Goggles

Key Features & Benefits

  • Lightweight, low profile design
  • Wide field of view
  • No single point of power failure
  • Available with Class A, B, C and UK645 Filters
  • Fast Jet and fixed-wing applications
  • Our Night Vision Goggles are Military-Grade, designed and manufactured in the UK

Our Fenn NG2000A Night Vision Military Goggles are designed for both fast jet and fixed-wing applications. They are both lightweight and low-profile, making them ideally suited for extended use.

These NVGs offer a wide field of view from a compact unit weighing just 620g, including helmet mount. They are shorter than other goggles, with objective lenses that are smaller and lighter than conventional NVGs. Most of the weight has been shifted back towards the operator’s helmet, bringing it closer to the centre of gravity and reducing the neck load and physical stress of the operator.

Every Fenn NVG unit has been designed to eliminate any single point where power could fail. Each image intensifier tube is powered independently by separate batteries and by separate electrical circuits, significantly reducing the risk of total system power failure.


  • Full approval for military aircraft use
  • Approved by the CAA for single pilot helicopter operation
  • Fenn Night Vision Limited is a BS EN ISO 9001 approved company

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Man Wearing Night Vision Binoculars Design and Manufactured in the UK

Specialist Designer and Manufacturer of Night Vision Military Goggles

At the heart of Fenn Night Vision is our commitment to making night-time aviation safer for all. We strive not only to elevate safety standards but also to design and manufacture top-quality products that stand out for their exceptional performance. Our dedication doesn’t stop at product design, as delivering an unrivalled customer service experience is paramount to us.

When it comes to our capabilities, we boast a robust in-house design team proficient in software, optical, electronic, and mechanical design. It’s our dedicated UK team that brings the unique and distinguishing features to our range of Night Vision Military Goggles. They’re also the brains behind the creation of our advanced analysis software.

Underpinning all of this is our ongoing commitment to innovation and development, ensuring we stay at the forefront of our industry.


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