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HVS-126A Test Set

The HVS-126A is a computerised system to evaluate night vision goggle / device image quality. It will quite simply transform the evaluation process to give fast and accurate results time after time, which until now has been a slow and laborious task for NVG maintenance personnel.

The HVS-126A uses a high-resolution video camera and lensing to capture live images generated by the Hoffman ANV-126A test set through a night vision goggle / device. The images are analysed by the proprietary software running on a Microsoft© Surface Pro 4 Tablet.

There is no requirement for the maintenance personnel to be dark adapted, the process may be carried out under normal lighting conditions. Test results are automatically calculated and a Pass / Fail is displayed for Resolution at both high and low light settings and Spot Defects (Blemishes). This is all achieved in a fraction of the time it would take to carry out this task manually, giving fast, accurate, consistent results and significantly improving productivity and most of all user safety.

Key System Benefits include:

  • Computerizes a manual task
  • Eliminates maintenance personnel’s subjectivity / inconsistency, therefore increasing safety for the NVG operator
  • Removes requirement for maintenance personnel to be dark adapted
  • Significantly reduces training time for maintenance personnel
  • Gives fast, accurate, consistent and reliable results time after time
  • Significantly increases efficiency / productivity
  • Intuitive – User-friendly interface
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