Night Vision Goggles UK

Fenn ANV-20/20 Test Set

Fenn Night Vision Ltd are the sole UK agents for Hoffman night vision test equipment.

The ANV-20/20 is a compact, portable system designed to provide an accurate means of performing infinity focus and mechanical alignment on Night Vision Goggles. It is designed to:

  • check inter-pupillary distance
  • enable adjustment of the goggle mount for tilt and eye relief
  • allow each eyepiece and objective lens assembly to be adjusted for focus.

The system presents a resolution pattern at infinity focus to both channels simultaneously. This allows all goggle parameters to be adjusted quickly and correctly. The resolution pattern is directly correlated to the Snellen chart, providing a visual acuity range of 20/70 to 20/20.

The ANV-20/20 also incorporates an eight-step gray scale for evaluating the dynamic range of NVGs. This scale covers a range of 2½ decades and checks the ability of the NVGs to perform under a variety of light levels.

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An efficient and versatile wall-mounting bracket for the ANV-20/20 Test Set.